Leather Care

Thank you for purchasing a custom leather product from Hill Top Leather Shop!  To care for your new purchase, you can use any leather cleaner (Lexol, Fiebings, Effax, etc.) and conditioner.  Just dampen a sponge or rag, soap up your collar, belt, or coaster (or any of our other products) to remove any dirt or grime.  Wipe off any excess moisture with a dry cloth and apply a small amount of leather conditioner.

Regular cleaning and conditioning is crucial for leather to maintain its suppleness and integrity.  Collars should especially receive cleaning and conditioning on a regular basis to prevent tearing or breaking and to aid with the initial break-in process.  Collars should ALWAYS be cleaned and conditioned after exposure to water and should be removed, if possible, before allowing any contact with salt water.  If your collar has gotten water-logged, allow the leather to completely dry before applying any cleaner, conditioner, or oil to the leather as these will seal the moisture inside and cause it to rot.


We do not recommend the use of oils other than mineral oil to help condition our leather goods, BUT be aware that overuse of any oil has the potential to change the color of the leather to a darker shade.  Overuse can also create a slippery, greasy feeling product.  We highly recommend sticking with a leather conditioner instead.

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