Dog Collars

Choosing the correct size is as simple as measuring your pet's neck with either a flexible tape measure or a piece of string (use a ruler to measure the length of string). Loop the tape or string snugly around your pet's neck once. Adjust the string/measuring tape to fit as snug or loose as you want the collar to fit.

Provide us with the EXACT MEASUREMENT (do not round up to the nearest inch). All of our collars are punched with five holes for easy adjustment. The center hole will be the measurement you provide us with, allowing for adjustment two holes larger and two holes smaller.


Needlepoint Belts

When having a stitched canvas made into a needlepoint belt, the belt measurement is referred to as the “finished measurement”. This measurement is placed at the center hole of the 5 adjustment holes on the belt, leaving 2 holes on either side for adjusting larger or smaller as needed. It is best to measure a belt that is currently being worn to get the finished size measurement needed for your needlepoint belt.

Measure the belt from the end of the buckle (including the buckle) to the hole in which the belt is worn and fits comfortably. This measurement will be your finished size measurement.

IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT go by the size marked on your old belt or your new belt will not fit. If you are not able to measure a belt, please give us the pant size and make a note on the finishing form that the measurement is a pants size and NOT a measurement.
Please send us an actual measurement if at all possible.


Coasters - Round

Coasters - Square